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DIY Easter Card

Level: Beginner

What you need:

What you do:

Our crafty team at Eckersley’s Belrose store created this card perfect for Easter time. Follow the easy step-by-step instructions below to create your very own:

  1. Using the cut-out in the card as a template, trace and cut out an oval piece of felt.
  2. Using glue, adhere the oval piece of felt to the inside of the card so that it can be seen through the cut-out window of the card.
  3. Carefully using a craft knife, extract desired shapes and creatures from the Kaisercraft, Hey Birdie ‘Wing It’ decorative paper.
  4. Layer these on the front of the card to create your desired effect using glue to adhere them.

Helpful Hint: If you prefer use pre-made shapes, Kaisercraft collectables are available in a mixed bag of 50, assorted designs, shapes & sizes. Personalise your Easter card using a wide selection of papers, paints and embellishments available at your local Eckersley’s Art & Craft store.