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Time to refill your Copic marker? Various Ink refills which are universal for all Copic marker styles, and extend the life of your marker indefinitely!

Copic Inks also provide more than just refills for your markers. Copic Inks offer the widest range of alcohol ink in the world with 358 intense and vibrant colours to bring your art work to life.

Mixed Media and alcohol ink art is a great way to express yourself and create unique abstract designs. Working with Copic Inks on surfaces such as Ink Jet Film or Yupo Paper provides a smooth and glossy finish, highlighting the copic colour intensity. You can also dilute the ink and create fluid effects using the Copic colourless blender.

Refilling Your Markers:
Time to refill your Copic markers? All 358 marker colours have a matching bottle of ink. Each bottle will fill a dry marker up to 9 times, depending on the style of marker. Measuring guides are built onto the bottle ensuring easy and precise refilling. Each bottle of ink has a built in dropper tip for simple application. The airtight inner seal will prevent the ink from drying out for many years. The ink is non toxic and easy to clean up.
One 12ml Copic Ink refill will approximately refill a Ciao marker up to 9 times, Sketch upto 7 times, Copic Classic up to 5 times, or Wide markers up to 3 times .

Refilling all types of Copic markers - Drip Method

1. Match the colour number of your marker with the various ink colour number.
2. Uncap both ends of the marker, hold at a 45 degree angle and drip ink into the broad nib one drop at a time, checking fullness every few drops.
3. Dab any excess ink with tissue and clean any spills with rubbing alcohol.

Colourless Blender

This clear liquid is the basis of all Copic inks. This alcohol-based solution "bleaches" inks by pushing colour through the back of the paper. This tool is useful in a range of standard and experimental techiniques. The Copic colourless blender is available in standard 25cc refill and an ecomonical 200ml bottle. It is commonly used for:

  • Adding highlights
  • Fading to white
  • Colouring transparent objects
  • Pre-soaking paper
  • Fixing mistakes
  • Adding texture and patterns
  • Muting colours
  • Cleaning up edges
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