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The Creativ Silicone Moulds are soft, flexible reusable moulds suitable for mould-making and casting projects. A versatile craft tool, ideal for epoxy resin, plaster, clay, wax and soap making.

The Creativ Silicone Moulds are soft, flexible, reusable moulds suitable for mould-making and casting projects. Their versatility makes them an excellent tool for hobbyists and crafters in all mediums!

Silicone moulds have many advantages for makers, as they are virtually unbreakable and retain their shape even when bent! They can also withstand hot and cold temperatures and are easy to clean.

The Creativ Silicone Moulds are an excellent choice for working with epoxy resins or plaster due to their reusability and flexibility. When using Creativ Silicone Moulds for casting in resin, it is still advisable to use a mould release agent prior to pouring the mixture into the mould to minimise sticking, which can occur if the resin mixture is too hot.

Candlemakers can also use the Creativ Silicone Moulds with beeswax, paraffin and soy waxes, and more! These moulds also make a fantastic choice for soap making or for use with air-drying and polymer clays, as they offer an alternative to sculpting shapes freehand, helping add details and dimensions that may otherwise be difficult to create.

Avoid using knives and sharp tools with the Creativ Silicone Moulds to avoid damage to the surface. Wash silicone moulds with warm soapy water and air dry completely before storing in a cool, dry area out of direct sunlight.

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