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Creative Rewards FAQs

Welcome to the Creative Rewards Loyalty Program. The most Frequently Asked Questions about the Creative Rewards Program are outlined below. However, should you have any further questions, please contact creativerewards@eckersleys.com.au

What are the benefits of being a Creative Rewards member?

As a Creative Rewards member you will earn points every time you purchase products in-store and online even on promotional items! You will receive a $25 reward for every 500 points earned, plus exclusive offers and access to special events. Once you have registered as a Creative Rewards member you will have access to all of your points and Creative Rewards balance. It is FREE to become a Creative Rewards member.

How do I apply for a Creative Rewards card at an Eckersley's store?

Ask a staff member at any Eckersley's store for a card. When you purchase goods they will swipe the card so that you will earn points on the transaction. You will then need to register your card online at Register My Rewards Card to redeem rewards, view your Loyalty points and receive exclusive Creative Reward offers online.

Why do I need to register my Creative Rewards card?

You need to Register your Rewards card to redeem Creative Rewards, have access to your account to check your points & rewards balance. If you don't register your Creative Rewards card you won't be able to redeem your rewards.

I have picked up my Creative Rewards card in-store how do I register?

If you already have a Creative Rewards card but need to register it to redeem rewards, access to your points and Creative Rewards balance go to Register My Rewards Card. Fill in the registration form to register your card and set up your Creative Rewards account. If you need further assistance please contact creativerewards@eckersleys.com.au

I don't have a Creative Rewards card but would like to become a member?

If you would like to become a Creative Rewards member and do not have a Creative Rewards card go to Join Creative Rewards, fill in all the details and you will have your new Creative Rewards card sent to you. You will not be able to earn points until you receive your card. Alternatively you can join at any Eckersley's store.

Wanting to Register your Creative Rewards Account but don’t have a Mobile Phone Number?

In case of no mobile phone number, simply enter your landline phone number including the area code without any gaps in the Mobile Number field.

How do I start earning points?


When in-store simply handover your Creative Rewards card before you pay for your purchase and your points will be added automatically to your Creative Rewards Card account.


To earn points when shopping on www.eckersleys.com.au simply add your Creative Rewards Card number at the Shopping Cart section and press verify. You should see that your points have been added against your purchase.

How can I spend my Rewards?

Once you have earned 500 points, your points will become a $25 reward (your $25 reward will be appear the day after you have earned 500 points). You need to have registered your account to enable you to redeem your points for rewards. Your Creative Rewards can be spent in-store and online.


All you need to do to spend your reward is give your Creative Rewards Card to the staff member and let them know how much of your reward you would like to use to pay for the purchase. The Creative reward amount will be taken off your account.


To spend your Creative Reward online at Shopping Cart you need to add your Creative Rewards Card number and select verify. You will then have access to your Creative Reward balance. Add the amount of Creative Reward balance that you would like to spend and select apply. The Creative Reward amount selected will be deducted from your purchase as well as your account.

Do my points or Rewards expire?

Yes. Points will expire if there are no transactions on the Loyalty card within a 12month period.

Rewards (converted points) will expire 12 months from the date of conversion.

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