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Discover Eckersley’s huge range of art books when you shop at our stores. From our books you can learn acrylic techniques in mixed media and how to face paint, draw animals and create architect doodles. You can also discover the history of animation, artists both past and present, screen printing, photography, fashion and rubber stamping with our range of books.

Whatever your creative love is, you’ll find a book on it at Eckersley’s. Simply browse the large library and you’ll open yourself to creative world bigger than you could ever imagine, with art colouring in, craft, design and kid’s drawing books

Eckersley’s books are hand selected with our valued shoppers in mind. They’re high quality at the best prices and cover all major art, craft, hobbies and techniques. We have books to practice your skills, books to create beautiful pieces, books for beginners and books for creating art on-the-go. You name it, we’ve got it!

Eckersley’s combines extensive industry knowledge, professional practice and experience, and an all-round love for creativity to support you in your artistic journey. As well as books, sketchbooks and pads you’ll find brushes, paints, surfaces, mediums, adhesives, easels, printmaking tools and more. Express delivery is available if you’re in need of something quick, or you can visit your nearest local store.

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