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Presenting artwork professionally and confidently is something Eckersley’s specialises in. From carry cases and bags to display books, picture frames, hanging tools, mount boards, mat cutters, picture frames, art books, presentation folders and storage, Eckersley’s has it all.

Eckersley’s has evolved a lot over the last 50 years, but the principle of presentation has remained the same — why go to the trouble of creating something beautiful if your only plan is to hide it from the world? Be confident in your skills and have trust in Eckersley’s that we’ll look after you with brands like Colby, A3, Celco, Artlogic, Jasart, Florence, Micador and NAM.

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of being asked to showcase your artwork, you’ll know that it pays to think about presentation. Planning your presentation shows you are committed to what you do and shows you want to be taken seriously. If you’re not sure how to best present your work, come at talk to the team at Eckersley’s. All our staff come from art, craft or creatively skilled backgrounds and they know what it’s like to showcase something you feel passionate about. If you’re already a skilled presenter, simply shop what you need from our online store.