Global Colours' Liquid Latex

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Global Colours' Liquid Latex is a cosmetic grade and skin-safe latex that can be used in conjunction with face and body paints to create realistic looking cuts, blisters, skin peeling and burns.

Global Colours’ Liquid Latex is a clear cosmetic grade and skin-safe latex that can be used in conjunction with face, body paints and acrylic paints to create realistic looking cuts, blisters, skin peeling and burns. Ideal for Halloween events, parties, photo shoots or in cosplay. It can also be used in the making of latex prosthetics for creating 3 dimensional effects and even moulds for casting plaster and concrete.

Global Colours Liquid Latex can be applied directly onto the skin and built-up using pieces of tissue or cotton wool. Once dry, the latex creation will remain flexible on your body. Global Colours’ Liquid Latex can also be applied onto face casts for thicker builds but will result in a less flexible more rigid creation. It is advisable that areas of face or body hair are removed by shaving or waxing prior to any application of latex to minimise any discomfort when pulled off.

Apply a thin, even layer of Global Colours’ Liquid Latex ensuing there are no lumps to the applied skin using either a cosmetic sponge or brush. To create wounds and cuts, use layers of thin 1ply tissue paper or cotton wool over the Liquid Latex and build as required. By using 1ply tissue paper you will achieve smoother edges and the latex is easier to work with. Take your time to ensure the tissue paper is smooth and does not have lumps or creases. Pull away gently any excess tissue before applying your next thin layer of latex. Each tissue paper layer can be smaller than the previous layer to create softer and more realistic edges. Continue the process until you have achieved the desired built-up layers. Dry each layer with a hair drier before applying the next coat. Once finished, powder or seal before applying makeup or paints.

Global Colours’ Liquid Latex can be coloured using special effects make up, standard make up, face paints or even water-based paints.

Tips for creating an open wound: gently use a pair of tweezers or scissors to pierce the Global Colours’ Liquid Latex, cutting off or folding over any excess pieces. Continue to build up in the centre of the wound with tissue and latex to create desired texture. For additional realism fake blood can also be applied.

Consider using an image of the cut, wound, scar, or blister you want to recreate to assist you in replicating the special effect.

To remove Global Colours’ Liquid Latex, gently peel from the skin, washing excess with soap and warm water. Avoid applying latex to clothing as staining will occur.

Liquid latex can cause an allergic reaction. It is advisable to complete a patch test first waiting 24 hours.

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Use With Acrylic Paint, Face Paints
Application Craft, Face Painting, Modelling
Acid Free Yes
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