3 Watercolour-Look Easter Egg Decorating Techniques with Tombow

1 March 2023

Get crafty this Easter with Tombow! Learn three watercolour-look easter egg decorating techniques using your Tombow Dual Brush Pens!

  • Tombow Dual Brush Pens (we’ve used the Pastel Set 10)
  • Tombow AB-T Blending Palette
  • Eggs (white ones will work best^)
  • Watercolour Paint brush
  • Water

^Tip: If you don’t have white eggs, you can prime your egg with white acrylic paint.

Watercolour eggs - what you need

Technique 1: Watercolour Streaks

Add some ink from your Tombow Dual Brush Pens to your blending palette, then, dip a wet paint brush into the ink and apply to the egg. Use lots of water and allow the ink to drip down the egg. You can use your egg carton to catch any run off. Start with the lighter colours first and allow them to dry before adding darker colours.

You can paint one side first and allow to dry before starting the other to avoid smudging while holding.


Watercolour Technique on Eggs 1 Watercolour Technique on Eggs 2


Technique 2: Drawing Directly on the Eggs

It’s as easy as it sounds! Using the colours of your choice, use your Dual Brush Pens to draw directly onto the egg. We are going to use a flower design. The trick with this watercolour look is to apply lighter colours first and then use the darker colours to overlap the shapes slightly so that you get some colour blending and transparency. This will give it the watercolour look.


Watercolour Technique on Eggs 3 Watercolour Technique on Eggs 4


Technique 3: Wetting the Eggs

With this technique, we are again going to draw directly onto the egg but then using a wet paint brush, blend the ink directly on the egg giving it a more watercolour look.


Watercolour Technique on Eggs 5 Watercolour Technique on Eggs 6


Project by BrownPaperBunny featured on Tombow.