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Christmas Card & Gift Wrap

4 March 2018

Level: Easy

Create personalised cards and wrapping paper for friends and family using a simple relief print technique. Its so easy why not create more than one design!

To download a printable PDF of this project, click here.

  • Ezy carve
  • Lino tools (assorted sizes)
  • Baren
  • Block printing ink or paint
  • Hard rubber roller or brayer
  • Paper for testing print
  • Card and envelope packs
  • A2 sketch paper
  • Ribbon (optional)

How to do it

  1. Cut out a piece of Ezy carve 140x140mm. (This is for the card design) With a pencil, draw out your design, remembering that any exposed (uncarved) areas represent a reversal (mirror image) of the parts printed and the cut away areas will not be printed. (You may find it helpful to shade the areas you wish to carve to avoid any mistakes).
  2. Using the Lino tools start carving away the areas from your design you do not wish to be printed. The deep v groove blades are best for detailed areas and the u shapes are used when carving away larger surface areas.
  3. Use your brayer (roller) to roll out the paint or ink (you can use a piece of glass or acrylic sheet). Once the brayer is evenly coated you can roll it onto the Ezy Carve. (A test print on newsprint will ensure you are happy with the design and the ink coverage).
  4. You can use an L-shaped piece of mat board to align your paper correctly. Place the paper on top of the Ezycarve, carefully burnish it up to all the edges of the plate with a baren or clean roller.
  5. Carefully peel back the paper from the Ezycarve. If you decide your design needs more carving clean off the ink with warm water, let it dry and then re-carve into the areas before re inking the design.
  6. For the giftwrap, cut a smaller piece of Ezycarve and draw on the design repeating the process as mentioned above for carving out the design. Place an A2 piece of paper down and carefully lay the cut out Ezycarve ink side down onto the paper. Press firmly but gently then carefully remove the Ezycarve off the paper. Re-ink the Ezycarve piece if necessary and repeat where required covering the paper with the desired repeat design. When printing the design, work on opposite ends of the paper at any one time to avoid smudging and to give the already printed areas time to dry.
  7. Once the large sheet is dry, wrap you present and decorate with ribbons and a tag.

Idea: why not add spot areas of glitter to your design for added Christmas sparkle!