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Gel Press Feather Card

18 August 2018

Using gel press plates are fun and easy! They are a great introduction into mono printing. There are so many different effects that can be achieved by experimenting with everyday objects.

Click here for a PDF version of this project.

How to do it

  1. Apply a small amount of paint to your Gel Press using the lino roller or brayer, spreading a thin even layer. Lay the card from a card/envelope pack face down on the plate and gently press. Whilst waiting for the ink to dry on the card, clean the gel press.
  2. Spread a contrasting paint colour onto Gel Press with the sponge roller. Using a sponge roller will create a more mottled or textured effect. Press onto your card. Remove the Gel Press and allow the paint on the card to dry. Use scrap paper to remove excess from the Gel Press.
  3. Apply another layer of paint to your Gel Press and spread with your brayer. Position your feather on top of the Gel Press plate and then layer the paper down and press firmly. Peel the page off to reveal, and allow to dry.
  4. Remove the feather from the plate and turn the feather over (so the residual ink left on the feather is face down on the card). Use a clean dry brayer and roll over the feather so the ink is transferred onto the card. You will be left with a relief print of the feather on the card.
  5. Leave to dry.

Baby Wipes are a quick effective way to clean the gel plates – just wipe clean and then pat dry with a clean paper towel. Alternatively wash plate with mild soapy water then pat dry with a clean paper towel.