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Halloween Dracula Face-Paint Design

1 March 2018

Any budding bloodsucker will love this easy-to-create design to inspire their after dark activities!

  • Snazaroo Face and Body Paint, 18ml Pot in Light Grey, Black, White and Bright Red
  • Snazaroo Hi-density Sponge
  • Snazaroo Multi-Purpose Brush
  • Dracula cape and fangs

How to do it

  1. Using a damp sponge, cover the whole face with a base coat of Light Grey.
  2. Mix a darker grey by adding a little Black to the Light Grey and sponge on the dark patches around and above the eyes, on the side of the nose and on the cheeks and chin.
  3. Add the detailing with a brush. First using White paint, then using Black paint, draw thin lines from the corner of the eyes, on the upper cheeks under the eyes and on the lower cheeks from the corner of the nose.
  4. With White paint, add fangs at each corner of the mouth and outline with Black.
  5. Using Black, draw on exaggerated eyebrows on the forehead.
  6. Using Red paint draw a thin line under each eye, paint the bottom lip and add drips of blood from the fangs.
  7. Finish your look with a Dracula cape and fangs.

For more easy face-painting designs, step-by-step Snazaroo DVD’s are available for purchase.