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Rolled Paper Flower

4 March 2018

Simple to make, these beautiful rolled paper flowers make great place cards, bonbonniere or a bunch of flowers that will last a lifetime!

Click here to download this project as a PDF.

  • Decorative paper – variety of patterns for interest
  • Light card stock – variety of textures and finishes
  • Scissors
  • Glue Gun
  • Pencil
  • Wire (optional)

How to do it

  1. On your chosen paper/ card-stock, draw a spiral using your pencil (approximately 20cm diameter). Note: make the lines irregular and wavy for a more realistic finish.
  2. Use your scissors to cut along the spiral. It’s easiest to start at the outside edge and work your way into the centre.
  3. Next step involves rolling the coil to form a flower. Start at the outside edge and commence coiling tightly. Continue rolling until you reach the centre. You will be left with a very tightly curled blossom.
  4. Release the coil gently and watch it grow into a beautiful flower.
  5. Using your glue gun, add a drop of glue to the centre (now the end of the coil). Press and adhere this to the base of the flower.
  6. Add some supporting glue drops where required.
  7. Option: Make a leaf to use as a name tag or add a realistic touch to your bunch of flowers.
  8. Cut a leaf shape out of your desired paper. For the name tag option, you will need to keep this flat so that you can slot into one of the gaps on the outer edge of the flower (as shown in image).
  9. For the realistic leaf, fold the base of the leaf shape in an accordion-style fold. Adhere using your hot glue gun. Assemble your leaf and flower together by gluing at the base of the flower.
  10. Why not create a stem using wire. This can be glued to the bottom of the flower also.

Note: Create a bunch of blooms that never wilt!