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Balsa Jewellery Box

7 March 2018

Impress your loved one with this cute DIY jewellery box. With a little time and effort you can create a lasting thoughtful gift.

  • Balsa Wood (75mm x 915mm x 5.0mm Sheet)
  • Wood Craft Glue
  • Celco Utility Knife
  • Kent Steel Ruler
  • Texta Graphite Pencils
  • Flexisand Sanding Sponge (Medium Fine)
  • X-Press It Masking Tape
  • Kraft Brown Tape Roll
  • Screwdriver / Sharp Point

How to do it

  1. Mark out the squares needed for your box with your pencil and steel ruler onto the balsa wood. To make our box H55mm x W60mm x D60mm, you will need:
    2 pieces of 60mm x 60mm – top and bottom of the box,
    4 pieces of 22.5mm x 60mm – front and back pieces
    4 pieces of 22.5mm x 50mm – side pieces.
    Tip: Mark your pieces with a pencil and a small piece of masking tape before you cut so that it is easier to identify after cutting.
  2. Use the knife and the steel ruler to cut out the pieces. Tip: Make more shallow cuts rather than fewer deeper cuts as this will be safer and give you a cleaner finish.
  3. Create a hole for your Valentines Arrow. Create an indent with the Balsa Dowell 1cm from the top edge of each piece so you know the size of hole required. Using a screwdriver or sharp pointed tool, pierce 2 pieces of 22.5mm x 50mm (side pieces) to create the hole.
  4. Use the sanding sponge to clean up the cut edges of the balsa.
  5. To prepare your box for gluing, lay a 150mm length of masking tape horizontally on your work surface with the sticky side facing up and then lay another piece of 150mm length tape vertically on top of it to make a cross.
  6. Lay one 60mmx60mm balsa piece in the middle of your tape cross. Place one 22.5mm x 60mm balsa piece upright on the bottom (side closest to you) and top edges of the middle piece (60mm x 60mm), using the tape to hold the pieces in place. Place one 22.5mm x 50mm balsa piece upright on either side of the 60mm x 60mm to complete one half of the box and secure with the tape. You should be left with an open box shape.
  7. Repeat steps 4 & 5 with the remaining pieces of balsa for the other half of the box.
  8. Unfold all sides of the box to reveal the edges, the tape will hold the pieces together while you apply a bead of craft glue onto each balsa piece edge. Tip: A little glue is all you need, wipe off any excess to lessen sanding time. Fold the sides back to form the box. You may use more tape to clamp the edges together while the glue is drying.
  9. After the glue has dried, remove the tape and sand the box to the desired finish and smooth out any uneven sides.
  10. To create two hinges for the box, cut two strips of brown tape, 10mm x 40mm each, and stick on one side of the box. Tip: To ensure the tape sticks well to the box, wipe down your box with a damp cloth to remove any dust from sanding. Try cutting a point at the end of your tape for a more decorative finish.
    Insert the Valentines Arrow through the side holes and you have now completed your Balsa Jewellery Box.
  11. We used the Valentines Arrow to embellish the balsa box, but you can use anything your heart desires!