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Christmas Crackers

7 March 2018

Crackers are must haves at any Christmas gathering but they can be expensive. Why not add that personal touch by creating your own. These simple crackers can be adapted into table place settings or even into an advent calendar.

Click here to download the instructions sheet.

  • Tissue Paper
  • Decorative Paper
  • Ribbon
  • Cardboard Tubes
  • Bon Bon Snaps (optional)
  • Double Sided Adhesive Tape
  • All Purpose Glue

How to do it

  1. Take a piece of tissue paper that is twice as long as the cardboard tube you will be using. (for example if your cardboard tube is 10cm long you will need a tissue paper this is 20cm long). Centre the tissue paper so there is equal excess of paper at both ends of the tube. Secure the tissue paper with double sided adhesive tape, then twist the excess tissue paper at each end. (If you are using Bon Bon snaps, insert the snaps before twisting the paper).
  2. Measure out a piece of decorative paper slightly shorter than the cardboard tube width, secure the end using double side tape or glue.
  3. Wrap ribbon around each end of the tube and glue it on. Take another two strips of ribbon and wrap around the twisted tissue ends to form bows.
  4. Repeat the process for your desired number of crackers.
  5. If you are making the cracker into table settings, cut out a piece of card into the shape of your choice and glue it into the middle of the cracker.
  6. For an advent calendar with a difference, create 24 crackers following instructions above and place chocolate treats into each cardboard tube before twisting the tissue paper ends. Glue each tube together lengthways one under another to form your advent calendar. Cut out circular discs and write the numbers 1-24 in marker pen and glue them onto the centre of each cracker. Thread ribbon through the first and last cardboard tubes tying a knot so the calendar can be hung.