Cool Monsters made with FIMO Clay

24 February 2024


Level: Easy

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These cute monsters are easy to make using FIMO kids modelling clay. They can be used to decorate bedrooms walls windows, drawers, wardrobes or toy boxes and brighten up any room. Children will have fun designing these monsters boosting their imagination and fine motor skills.


What you will need

How to do it


Step One:

One pack of FIMO kids is sufficient for the body of an oval, round or pear-shaped monster; for a large, long monster, two to three packs of FIMO kids in the same colour are required and need to be kneaded together.

Important: Always ensure the piece of baking paper you use is large enough to work on. This keeps the work surface clean and means the monster can be left on the same piece of baking paper when placed in the oven for hardening afterwards.

Use your hands to roll the modelling clay to a big ball. Flatten the ball a little with your hand first and then use the roller to roll it out to an approx. 2-3 mm thick sheet.

Form the sheet of FIMO kids whilst rolling over it into an oval, round, pear, straight or any other shape depending on what kind of body you want your monster to have. If required, cut around the outside of the sheet of FIMO kids with the cutting tool to make a round or straight edge; the modelling tool can also be used to make any small corrections to the contours.


Step Two:

It‘s now time to add arms, legs and feet to the monster. Shape a small ball out of FIMO kids modelling clay for each arm, leg and foot. Flatten it with your finger and position it on the body, overlapping the edges slightly as you do so.

Press it on with your finger and smooth over the join. Add all other protruding parts such as telescope eyes, horns, feelers, ears or feathers in the same way. To make a long feeler, roll a small ball of modelling clay to a thin sausage and attach another small ball at the top end.

To make a sharp horn, a feather or an ear, roll a small piece of sausage at one end with your finger to create a tapered point and shape as required. Then use the roller to roll over all attached body parts so that the surface is nice and smooth.

Step Three:

Make grooves in large horns or ears using the sharp modelling stick.

Add indents to the monster‘s claws to accentuate its toes and fingers and make small pricks as required.

Step Four:

To create a striped look, roll several thin sausages in one or more colours, place them on the body and press on gently. Use the modelling stick to cut off any surplus bits of sausage.

The monsters also look good in a polka-dot design: Make tiny balls out of FIMO kids modelling clay, place them on the monster and use your finger to press them flat.

Then roll over the stripes or dots using the roller.


Step Five:

Make the mouth out of a thin piece of red sausage and place it on the body in the required shape. If the ends of the sausage point downwards, you‘ll have a grumpy monster; if they point upwards, it‘ll look friendly. For the eyes, make two small balls out of white modelling clay and press them on as required.

Place two tiny black balls on top for the pupils. The nose is made in the same way as the eyes by using a small ball and then pressing it flat. Then it‘s time for the dangerous monster‘s teeth: Shape balls out of small bits of white modelling clay, roll to a sausage and taper at one end to a sharp point.

Add the teeth to the mouth and press on. Smooth over everything with the roller. If you want the teeth to be three-dimensional, roll over the surface first before you add the teeth.


Step Six:

Monsters love a warm coat: For the hairy fur coat, make indents with the sharp modelling stick. Begin at the edge of the monster and work your way to the middle.

Then, leaving the FIMO kids monster on the baking paper, harden in a pre-heated oven for approx. 30 min at 110°C. Allow to cool, remove the baking paper and varnish the monster.

Once the varnish has dried, stick your finished monster onto the wall, window, wardrobe, dresser or toy box using double-sided adhesive tape.



A monster mobile is guaranteed to brighten up any day. To hang the cute FIMO kids monsters up, make a small hole in each monster‘s head with a wooden skewer before hardening.

After hardening, thread a piece of cord through the hole and hang the monster up. Hang a monster from dad‘s desk lamp or mum‘s shoe cupboard – it‘s a perfect way to show someone special how much you love them!


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