Create Your Own Copic Art

2 March 2018

  • Copic Multiliners or Multiliners SP, 
  • Copic Markers in assorted colours (ink refills for key colours)
  • Copic suitable card – X-press it Blending card or bleed proof paper
  • Anything 
    else you like to use - sketchbooks or journals, fancy 
  • papers, paints, pencils, embellishments etc.

Download this PDF to print out instructions.

How to do it

This look is not about perfect blending, but more putting colour down fast. It’s basically blending colours using “flicking”. This flick colouring technique gives great blended results. You can use this technique to colour smaller images such as flower petals circles or lettering. (Use more care on larger areas to ensure a nice graded blend).

  1. Draw image using Copic Multi liner pens and choose colour palette. Use 2 or 3 colours from a blending family (e.g. V15 & V17) and then a marker which is roughly 12 higher on the colour chart. (in this instance V28 for shadows and depth. Lay down the mid tone first (V17) starting from darkest edge and flicking towards the lightest area.
  2. Add your palest colour (V15) starting from about halfway up the (V17) you have already coloured and “flick” towards the lightest area.
  3. Add your darkest colour (V28) colouring over the previous layer of V17
  4. Add the second layer of V17 and colour over most of the previous layer of V15 (keep the top edge wispy so that some of the V15 peeks through.
  5. Add another layer of V15 going over the edge of V17 and flicking further into the centre of the lightest area. This will help blend the V17 and V15 together.
  6. Flicking from top down, fill the rest of the lightest area with V15 – keep flicks light and wispy so as not to end up with flat colour.

Note: As markers can bleed through the card on the reverse, you could cover the reverse pages with decorative paper, gesso, cut out images or stick another clean paper over the back. Alternatively glue the image directly into a journal. Copic markers can be combined with different products to create interesting finishes and effects. Consider adding spray inks, ink from ink pads, paints, paint markers, decorative papers and embellishments etc - try it out, mix it up and see what results you can achieve!