Customise a Tote Bag with Pebeo Setacolor!

10 May 2022

Pebeo Setacolor and Fabric Markers make it easy to create personalised gifts for friends and loved ones, or to make for yourself on a rainy day or as a school holiday activity! Lots of fun for adults and children alike, this is one craft activity you’ll be eager to get started on. With just a few fabric-friendly items and a tote bag, we’ll have you creating your next favourite accessory in no time.


Check out the video below and get inspired to use Pebeo Setacolor and Fabric Markers and personalise your very tote bag to take on your next outing, or to gift to a friend or family member!



What you’ll need:

•   Pebeo Setacolor Fabric Paints (you can also experiment with other fabric paints)
•   Pebeo Fabric Markers
•   Blank Tote Bag (or use the same technique to personalise a shirt, cushion cover, tea towels, and more!)
•   A palette
•   An iron


Fabric painting is fun way to keep kids occupied on school holidays while also being a great craft activity for adults too! Pebeo’s range of fabric paints and markers allow you to express yourself creatively through your accessories, clothing, or even linen! With just a few paints you can create your own fabric art pieces or customise a gift for your next birthday, anniversary, wedding, or other celebrations!


Pebeo originally launched their Setacolor range in the early 60s and have since expanded and perfected their ranges of fabric paints and markers on offer. With over 100 textile products being produced by Pebeo, they are an industry favourite for textile and fabric painting applications. The high-quality paints in the Pebeo Setacolor range are ideal for professional and amateur artists alike, and they are the perfect way to customise clothing or create personal home décor items.


Enjoy experimenting with colours and shapes on your new fabric creations with Pebeo – happy painting!


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