Cute Drawing Ideas

18 May 2022

Have you ever been in a situation where you just can't concentrate? Have you ever sat through a meeting and been so uninterested that you started doodling in your notepad rather than paying attention and taking notes? We understand how you feel, and we've been there too. However, there's good news for you! It's been scientifically proven that doodling can help you focus and retain information. So, we've created 50 cute yet simple drawing ideas to help you relax and focus. Grab your pencils and let's get drawing!


Tools You Need to Start Drawing

There are no restrictions in art, drawing, or any other creative work. You may draw whatever you want and utilize whatever materials you choose. This looseness might be scary for inexperienced artists, but it also adds a fun aspect to the process when you consider things to draw. Below are some fundamental tools that should be in everyone's toolkit, regardless of their skill level. All of our fantastic drawing ideas are simple to copy; here are some tools you may need for these creations:



Cute Drawing Idea: Baby Animals


baby animal


  • Draw a kitten
  • Draw a playful puppy
  • Draw a pony
  • Draw a bunny
  • Draw a teacup pig - or a piglet in a teacup!
  • Draw ducklings in a pond
  • Draw chicks at the farm
  • Draw a baby animal of your choice with a big smile on their face


Cute Drawing Idea: Animated Everyday Objects


animated everyday objects


  • Draw cupcakes with faces on them
  • Draw a birthday cake with a face - be playful with the decorations on the cake
  • Draw a clock with a human face on it - experiment with different emotions according to the time
  • Draw a fruit bowl with faces on the fruit
  • Draw a cloud or sun in the sky with a face - experiment with different colours for brightness and weather
  • Draw an ice-cream with a face on it - experiment with different emotions/weather such as hot and melting in the sun
  • Draw a cartoon marshmallow about to jump into a warm mug of milk 
  • Draw a toaster popping toast out and acting surprised
  • Try experimenting with a range of different inanimate objects by adding faces and expressions to them to make them look alive


Cute Drawing Idea: Cartoons




  • Draw Winnie The Pooh
  • Draw Pikachu
  • Draw Mickey Mouse
  • Draw Minnie Mouse
  • Draw The Powerpuff Girls 
  • Draw Tweety Bird
  • Draw Pusheen
  • Draw Snoopy
  • Draw Hello Kitty
  • Draw Tinkerbell


Cute Drawing Idea: Love & Emotion


love and emotion


  • Draw a couple on a park bench with one of their heads resting on the others shoulder
  • Draw a person with large love hearts as their eyes
  • Draw two parrots on a tree branch with a love heart between them
  • Draw two hands holding
  • Draw someone blowing a kiss to someone they love
  • Experiment with perspective and draw a close up of a heart pendant around someone’s neck
  • Invision something or someone you love and draw that - perhaps your family or loved ones
  • Be silly and creative by designing your own Valentine’s Day card - “thanks for being my other half” and draw two avocado halves
  • Draw a mother comforting her child


Cute Drawing Idea: Miniature




  • Draw house plants such as miniature cacti in pots  
  • Draw a miniature terrarium
  • Draw a miniature bouquet with flowers of your choice
  • Draw a miniature campsite
  • Invision a place / scenery and draw a miniature version of that
  • Draw a miniature version of your favourite animal - such as an elephant, panda, sloth etc.


Cute Drawing Idea: Miscellaneous




  • Draw a picture of the earth with people from different countries holding hands
  • Draw a teddy bear
  • Draw marine life with seaweed and happy fish and give it some life with bubbles
  • Draw a friendly ghost or pumpkin for Halloween
  • Draw a gingerbread man with candies
  • Draw floral arrangements in different spots such as a watering can or in someone’s hair
  • Draw animals with clothing on them such as a penguin with a beanie or scarf 
  • Draw a fuzzy animal such as a cuddly sheep or llama with a beautiful blanket
  • Draw smarties or mnm’s with faces - be creative with colours.


These are just 50 drawing ideas to help inspire you and your creative juices and are perfect for beginners, or those needing some inspiration. Enjoy the art of drawing, with our cute drawing ideas and help your focus and retention! 


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