Coloured Pencil Drawing Techniques | Design Journey Art Classes

23 July 2021

Coloured pencils aren’t just for kids!

They’re a drawing medium that can offer a variety of interesting techniques that will add colour and depth to your artworks. With the right techniques, coloured pencils can help artists create realistic works of art, as well as simple colourful drawings.

This online course by Design Journey will show you just how much the humble coloured pencil has to offer as a drawing utensil! The course also focusses on how to create watercolour effects using watercolour pencils.

If you want to get started creating brilliant and colourful works of art, have a look at the first lesson in this series below!


Course subjects

This course will help artists learn about colour theory and the colour wheel, techniques for combining watercolour pencils and coloured pencils, plus the composition of simple drawings and landscape drawings! The course will also encourage you to discover and test new mediums for your artworks. The full course provides over 100 minutes of video tutorials brought to you by Melanie Übleis & STAEDTLER Design Journey.


Course teacher: Melanie Übleis

Melanie Übleis has been creating art videos since 2017 and wants to help inspire others to create their own artworks!

Their inspiration comes from everyday life, TV shows, or what other people are doing! Their advice is to have the guts to follow your ideas even if they are weird or you feel like they have been done before, and Melanie wants to inspire everyone who comes across their videos to create without letting fear or self-doubt get in the way!

Melanie believes everyone can be an artist, and they can help you get started with this online course on Coloured Pencil Drawing Techniques.

What are the Design Journey Art Classes?

These drawing courses have been designed by STAEDTLER to help beginners and creative hobbyists to learn some basic techniques to build their drawing skills and get creative. With a range of techniques covered in the courses, Design Journey by STAEDTLER is the perfect option for getting started with drawing or adding some extra skills to your creative toolbelt!

In addition to Coloured Pencil Drawing Techniques course, STAEDTLER also offer a course on Drawing in Perspective and another on Drawing with Ink and Watercolours as part of their Design Journey Art Classes.

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