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Drawing in Perspective | Design Journey Art Classes

23 July 2021

Have you been wanting to learn how to draw in perspective for your artworks? This online course by Design Journey will teach you everything you need to know!

Perspective drawing is a technique artists and illustrators use to create a realistic sense of space in their works, displaying three-dimensional objects on paper, canvas, or any two-dimensional surface. Drawing in perspective is one of the base principles to learn for drawn artworks, as drawings can look flat or distorted if the right perspective is missing.

Perspective drawing is a fundamental skill in creating art, and it will help you greatly improve your artworks. Get started with the first lesson in this series below!


Course subjects

This course will help artists learn one point perspective, two points perspective, and three points perspective drawing, as well as working with volumes and creating textures and details. The full course provides over 100 minutes of video tutorials brought to you by Dan Beardshaw & STAEDTLER Design Journey.


Course teacher: Dan Beardshaw

Dan Beardshaw is not only an artist, but also a practising architect whose favourite means of creating is drawing!

He used to focus mainly on realistic drawing, creating videos, giving advice and demonstrations to help other artists get started. More recently, Dan has been creating videos covering perspective drawing, an enjoyable but more focussed art subject.

What are the Design Journey Art Classes?

These art classes have been designed by STAEDTLER to help beginners and creative hobbyists to learn some basic drawing techniques to grow their skills and get creative. With a variety of techniques covered in the courses, Design Journey by STAEDTLER is the perfect option for getting started with drawing!

In addition to this Drawing in Perspective course, STAEDTLER also offer a course on Coloured Pencil Drawing Techniques and another on Drawing with Ink and Watercolours as part of their Design Journey Art Classes.

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