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Drawing with Ink and Watercolours | Design Journey Art Classes

23 July 2021

If you have been wanting to try your hand at creating artworks using ink and watercolour, this Design Journey online course is just for you!

Covering the fundamentals of ink and watercolour art, the course will help you build your skills and teach you how to combine the two mediums to create unique works of art.

In this course, you will learn some great ink work techniques using STAEDTLER Pigment Liners. Ink drawing can be uniquely challenging as it’s difficult to correct mistakes with this medium, so these techniques and suggested tools will help provide you with a stress-free drawing experience.

The course teacher, Kalliopi Lyviaki, shares how to combine pigment liners with metallic markers, which will help accentuate and highlight sections of your artworks with eye-catching results.

If you want to get started creating brilliant and colourful works of art, have a look at the first lesson in this series below!


Course subjects

This course will teach artists drawing techniques using black inks, such as dot shading, line shading, and negative space drawing. There are also lessons on metallic highlights, tattoo-style drawings, children’s book style illustrations, and the mixing of watercolour paints with earthy and natural colours. Students will learn about the different effects that can be created with watercolour too, such as using watercolour paints to achieve a misty effect, The full course provides over 100 minutes of video tutorials brought to you by Kalliopi Lyviaki & STAEDTLER Design Journey.


Course teacher: Kalliopi Lyviaki

Kalliopi Lyviaki is an artist from Greece who has also been creating art-focussed YouTube videos since 2018! After starting with realistic pencil drawings and portraits, Kalliopi started to explore and experiment with different art mediums. Now, she mainly uses watercolours and inks as a preferred art medium.

Kalliopi’s art is inspired by tattoos, illustrations, fashion, and traditional mediums such as watercolours. With experience in creating tutorial videos for watercolour on her YouTube channel, she’s the perfect person to teach you how to draw with ink and watercolours through this Design Journey series with STAEDTLER!

What are the Design Journey Art Classes?

These art courses have been designed by STAEDTLER to help beginners and creative hobbyists to learn a variety of techniques and help build their drawing skillset. With courses covering a range of techniques and mediums, Design Journey by STAEDTLER is a great way to get started with drawing or learn some new skills to take your art to the next level!

In addition to this Drawing with Ink and Watercolours course, STAEDTLER also offer a course on Drawing in Perspective and another on Coloured Pencil Drawing Techniques as part of their Design Journey Art Classes.

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