DIY Clay Tile Artwork inspired by Piet Mondrian! Create with FIMO

21 March 2022

Level: Easy

Spend some time getting creative with this colourful and inspiring project using wonderful STAEDTLER FIMO®air Basic Modelling Clays! Not only is this Van Gogh Inspired Kidney Palette Brush Holder gorgeous to look at, it’s also a useful tool to have in your studio, keeping your brushes displayed nicely.

What you will need:

How to do it:

  1. Roll out your FIMO®air Basic Modelling Clay to a slab approximately 5mm in thickness.
  2. Cut a square measuring 10cm x 10cm using your craft knife.
  3. Cut out additional smaller rectangles and squares from the remaining clay slab. Try to get a variety of sizes! As a starting guide, try some at 2cm x 4cm, 2cm x 2cm, 1cm x 2cm, and see how they look!

    Tile Step 1 Tile Step 2 Tile Step 3
  4. Attach the smaller square and rectangle pieces to your clay tile base by applying a small amount of water to the back of each piece and adhering together. Leave roughly 5mm between each piece and continue applying them until the whole square is covered (with small gaps between). See the tutorial images for reference!
  5. Set your tile creation aside to dry for roughly 24-48 hours.
    Note: the drying time of FIMO®air Basic Modelling Clay will vary based on air temperature and humidity. Double check your piece is fully dry before moving on to step 5.
  6. Once the clay is dry, apply a coat of white gesso to the whole tile and wait for gesso to dry.

    Tile Step 4 Tile Step 5 Tile Step 6
  7. With a small tipped brush, paint each square in your primary colours as shown, with black paint in the grooves between your pieces.

    Tile Step 7 Tile Step 8 Tile Step 9

This project is the perfect way to get kids and adults creating art with the wonderful STAEDTLER FIMO®air Basic Modelling Clays and is an excellent weekend activity or craft for rainy days inside! STAEDTLER FIMO®air Basic Modelling Clays are perfect for art and craft projects at home as they don’t require any extra equipment like kilns or ovens!

Why not create more tiles to build a mural? You can mix things up and flex your creative muscles by creating tiles in other colour combinations too, or even testing out different shapes for a truly unique design.

We’d love to see how you paint and decorate your clay tile pieces! Tag your posts on social media with #CreateWithEckersleys so we can take a look.