FIMO Millepunti Design Necklace

4 March 2018

Level: Medium

Click here to download a PDF of this project.

  • 1 Standard block each of FIMO soft: White (8020-0), Tropical Green (8020-53), Plum (8020-63). Other colours optional
  • A bead piercing needle or cocktail stick
  • A knife with a long blade
  • Acrylic Roller
  • Gloss Varnish
  • Necklace with clasp
  • Craft pliers

How to do it

  1. Roll one strip of tropical green FIMO into a sausage (0.1cm thick).
  2. Use the roller to roll out two strips of white FIMO into a sheet. Cut the edges straight and wrap around the green sausage. Make sure the edges meet exactly otherwise the pattern will be distorted later on.
  3. Roll out a sheet using half a block of plum FIMO and wrap it around the green and white sausage tubing. Again make sure the edges don’t overlap.
  4. Using your hand roll the sausage tubing to make it thinner and longer. The diameter or thickness of the tubing will get smaller but the pattern should still remain.
  5. Divide the long sausage into four pieces of equal length and place them together in a group, pressing firmly.
  6. Starting in the middle and moving towards the outer edges roll again to create a thinner longer sausage shape.
  7. Once you have a long strip, again divide it into four equally long pieces and place them together. The millepunti pattern is finished. You can now go onto make more but in different colours this technique.
  8. Using multiple coloured FIMO roll up into small balls to form a bead shape. You can make them all the same size or a mixture of sizes. These will be used as base for the millepunti design to be applied to.
  9. Using a knife, cut slices off the end of the patterned sausage tubing as thin as you can. Position them closely together on the small balls you made earlier. Once the surface of the ball is covered with the thin slices of patterned FIMO, roll the bead gently in your hands until the joins between the slices are no longer visible.
  10. Carefully make a hole through the bead; you can use a cocktail stick or a bead piercing needle to do this.
  11. Suspend the beads (over a glass) and harden in the oven for 30 mins at 110ᵒc.
  12. Allow the finished beads to cool down before adding a thin coat of gloss varnish. This will give the bead an attractive shiny finish.
  13. Once the beads are dry you can string the beads onto the necklace string in any order you like combining with
    other beads if desired and add the clasp.