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Gold Feather Bunting

18 August 2018

Get Arty Artist, Sandra, makes a wall hanging from feathers and gold paint.

For a PDF version of this project, click here.

  • 5 white feathers
  • Reeves gold paint
  • A jar or small cup
  • Paper plate
  • Jasart Made For You gold glitter
  • Twine
  • Stick
  • White floral tape

How to do it

  1. Paint the stick gold. Allow to dry.
  2. Pour out your gold paint and dip the end of a feather into the paint, then while the paint is still wet cover in glitter. Rest on the side of the paper plate, to dry. Repeat for four remaining feathers.
  3. Take the end of a feather and place a piece of twine on the back of it. Wrap the feather and twine together using floral tape. Continue with the remaining feathers.
  4. When you cut the twine think about how long you want each feather to hang, you want them all at slightly different lengths.
  5. Tie each feather to the stick.
  6. Length of twine for the top (hanger) is equal to length of stick plus extra 20cm of twine. Then tie on both ends of stick. Snip off the extra string at the end.