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How To Draw a Butterfly - Easy Step By Step Guide for Kids

15 July 2021

Level: Easy

Duration: 10 mins

Butterflies are so much fun to spot in the gardens and come in so many pretty colours and patterns! This makes butterflies a fun and creative drawing project for you and your kids. With just a few simple supplies, you can be on your way to creating cute art with your child in no time using this simple tutorial.

How to do it

  1. Start with the head
    Draw a circle on your paper – this will be the head of your butterfly. Make sure there is plenty of space to add wings on either side in later steps!
  2. Time to add a body
    Starting at the bottom left of the head, draw a long and skinny oval, connecting it back up to the right side of the head. This is your butterfly’s body.
  3. Let’s start the wings 
    Every butterfly needs some wings! Let’s add some now. Starting at the top left of your butterfly’s head, draw a curved line that comes around and connects to the left side of the butterfly’s body, about halfway down. Now, do the same on the right-hand side! These are the top of your butterfly’s wings.

    Butterfly Steps 1-3
  4. Finish off those wings!
    Let’s finish off the left wing first – starting from where the top half of the wing curves towards the body, draw another curved line that goes out like a circle and connects back to the bottom left of the butterfly’s body. Now, do the same on the right side. There you have it – two perfect little wings! It’s okay if they aren’t symmetrical, all butterflies are beautiful!
  5. Add some antennas and a face 
    Let’s give your butterfly some personality! From the top of their circle head, draw a line that comes up and spirals left, and one that comes up and spirals left. Add some tiny circles on the end too, if you like! These are your butterfly antennas. You can also add some eyes and a smiling mouth on the butterfly’s face too for some personality!
  6. Finally – let’s decorate!
    Draw some circles on the top half of the wings, towards the top outer edge - try drawing two circles inside each other! On the bottom half of the wings, add one simple circle near the bottom outer edge. For the body – try adding 3 slightly curved lines across the body.

    Butterfly Steps 4-6