How To Draw a Car - Easy Step By Step Guide for Kids

1 July 2021

Level: Easy

Duration: 20 mins

Kids just love toy cars! They usually can’t get enough and must have them in different colours, shapes, or sizes. Why not go a step further to nurture and stimulate their creativity by teaching your kids how to draw one of their loved toys with this easy step-by-step guide on How to Draw a Car.


How to draw a car

  1. Let’s start with the Wheels 
    Grab a piece of paper and draw two circles on the bottom half of your paper. This will be our wheels, so make sure you put enough space in between each circle. 
  2. Draw the Body of the Car
    Draw a line in between the two circles. This will connect the wheels and start the base of the car. Starting from the left wheel, draw a curved line and slowly free-hand the body of your car and connect it to the right wheel. Try to picture a car in your head to mimic the body shape you are going for.
  3. Adding Details to the Wheels 
    Let’s add some details to our wheels. Draw a circle inside both wheels. This will be the barrel of our wheel. Next, draw another circle in the centre of the circle you just drew. Connect your innermost circle to the end of the second circle by drawing 8 lines. You have just completed the rims of your wheels.

    Car Steps 1-3
  4. Draw the Windows
    Draw two windows next to each other inside the body of the car nearer to the roof. To do this, draw an L shape and join in with a curved line. Repeat this step to make two windows.
  5. Add a Door Handle 
    Under the window you just drew, add your door handle by making a small thin elongated rectangle and two curved lines on the top and bottom.
  6. See with some Headlights and a Backlight
    Draw a slanted oval on the hood of the car and another oval at the bottom of the first oval you drew. Add another oval on the boot of your car.

    Car Steps 4-6
  7. Develop a Scene 
    Let’s draw the road where the car will be driving.  Draw a straight line underneath your wheels. Draw more lines that will complete your road by drawing them behind the car. In between those lines, add elongated rectangles that will form as the road lines.
  8. Let’s bring it to Life with Colour!
    Add colour! We recommend using Watercolour Paint or Watercolour Coloured Pencils to add dimension to your car. You can also add a light wash of colour to add a background. And that's how to draw a car!Car Steps 7-8