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How To Draw a Dog - Easy Step By Step Guide for Kids

26 November 2020

Level: Easy

Duration: 15 mins

Want to learn how to draw a dog? Well we’ve got a few easy step-by-step guides here for how to draw a few different types of dogs.

How to do it

  1. Start With The Mouth 
    To begin, you will need to draw an oval with flatter sides to make the mouth. Make sure not to make it too thin as we will need to fit the rest of the mouth inside this oval. 
  2. Put On The Nose 
    Next you need to draw in the nose, which will be a triangular shape with soft rounded edges. 
  3. Add The Head 
    Now you will want to draw an upside down U shape on top of the mouth you drew in step one. This will be the head of the dog, so make sure there’s space for the eyes. This could take up most of the width of the mouth but can be however you like!

    Cartoon Dog Steps 1-3

  4. Draw In The Cute Droopy Ears
    Connect the head to the mouth by starting at the top right of the head and loop down around the middle of the mouth.
  5. Give Them A Mouth 
    Add in two J shapes back to back to make the snout of the mouth. Simple!
  6. Finish Off The Face 
    Finally, draw in two circles for the eyes.

    Cartoon Dog Steps 4-6

  7. Add Some Front Legs 
    Draw two sets of parallel lines next to each other for the legs and add two rounded boxes at the bottom for their paws.
  8. Time To Add The Body 
    Draw in a circular shape from the neck downwards and across the ankles and back up to the neck on the other side.
  9. Lastly, Add The Feet and Tail! 
    On each side of the hips, add in semi circles for their feet. Then a tail between the body and the foot.

    Cartoon Dog Steps 7-9

Now that it’s finished, you can colour in the dog however you like! If you’re unsure where to start, you can make the body a mid-brown, the ears a dark brown and the mouth a beige.

Easy-peasy way to draw a dog!