How To Draw a Koala - Easy Step By Step Guide for Kids

13 September 2021

Level: Easy

Duration: 20 mins

Looking for a new drawing project to do with the kids? Show them how to draw a Koala with the easy step by step guide with pictures! Koalas are an iconic Australian animal that every kid grows up learning about, so grab some pencils along with some colouring materials and get started drawing a Koala.

How to draw a koala

  1. Start the Koala’s Eyes 
    Draw in two little circles to be the koala’s eyes, but make sure not to put them too close together as we will be drawing a nose in between. Once you have done that, make sure you shade in the majority with a little circle of white that will be the glare.  
  2. Include A Nose
    In between the two eyes, draw a square with curved edges and a rounded top. It will look roughly like a lowercase n.
  3. Give The Koala a Chin 
    Add in a squared chin underneath the nose that curves out wider than the eyes to make the cheeks. Make sure that the left cheek is wider than the right, given the angle we’re looking at the koala in this drawing.

    Koala Steps 1-3
  4. Add A Furry Forehead
    Add onto the right cheek line and bring the forehead up and over to the top left, including a few zig zags to give the head a furry look.
  5. Give The Koala A Fluffy Left Ear 
    Now, a C-like shape connecting the top of the head to the jaw of the Koala, including a little fur on the outer side to make it look fluffy. Koala bears have larger ears so make sure it isn’t too small!
  6. Add In The Other Ear
    Next we need to add in another ear on the right side, so draw another big furry Koala ear using similar heights as the ear you just drew on the left side.

    Koala Steps 4-6
  7. Finish of the Inside of Each Ear 
    Using zig zags, add in a few lines inside of each ear to finish off the details for each ear. This will give it that furry look just like real Koala ears.
  8. Add An Arm Cuddling The Tree 
    Time to start drawing the arms of the koala! Starting from the middle of the chin, draw across to the right and curve back with another straight line.
  9. Draw in A Knee
    Now to really make it look like the Koala is cuddling the tree, is to draw in the knee. This is quite simple, you draw a rainbow shape from near the armpit of the arm you just drew.

    Koala Steps 7-9
  10. Add A Foot Under The Knee
    Finish off the leg by adding a foot underneath the knee. Wrap it around from the shin area and loop across the bottom.
  11. Bring The Koala’s Body Together
    Draw the back of the Koala connecting the heel with the neck. A long line that curved out wide to make it extra cuddly!
  12. Add In The Outline Of The Tree
    Not much left now, we have to draw in the tree. Simply add two parallel lines to be the tree trunk that the Koala is clutching onto. Feel free to use a ruler if that makes it easier for you.

    Koala Steps 10-12

Give the koala life by adding some colour, using whatever colouring medium you like! Koala fur is grey, so you will want to make sure that it is used and add in some pink in the ears to make them stand out more. And that's how to draw a koala!