How To Draw a Rose - Easy Step By Step Guide for Kids

1 March 2021

Level: Easy

Duration: 20 mins

Do you want to learn how to draw a rose? While roses can be difficult to draw but we have made an easy step by step drawing guide that kids will be able to follow. So let’s pick up that pencil and start drawing!

How to do it

  1. Start your Rose 
    Let’s get started! First, you will need to draw a sideways oval, almost like an egg. No need to be perfect as every rose is different, we are making one special to you. 
  2. Inner petals 
    Now, draw a little spiral in the middle of the oval. These are going to be the inner petals. Feel free to do it in either direction or have more or less turns. Though we recommend having about two.
  3. Building the Rosebud 
    For this step we will now need to draw a heart shape around the oval. It’s best to have the middle point where both sides of the heart meet, touching the top of the oval. The outer sides of the heart don't need to touch the oval but they can if that is how you would like it to look.

    Rose Steps 1-3
  4. The Outer Petals
    Time to do the bigger petals! Starting at the top left of the heart, drawing a curved line swinging across the bottom of the heart and down. Then add another line from the bottom of the heart to the tip of the line you just drew, making a point.
  5. Completing the Petals 
    Next, make a line from the top right of the heart this time, curving across and joining the left petal you drew in step 4.
  6. The Bottom of the Flower
    Time to bring the rose bud together! Start by drawing a U-like share from one side to the other, looping across the bottom. Try to add a bit of a curve at the top so the petals can look to be more blossomed.

    Rose Steps 4-6
  7. Finishing the Rosebud 
    Finish this part off by adding a curved line from the point of the left petal down to the base. Then add two little lines starting on each side of the oval, connecting it to the heart shape we did in step 3.
  8. Adding the Sepals 
    Almost there, just a few more details! Add a few sepals underneath the flower, we think 3 or 4 look good.
  9. Adding in the Stem
    Now we need to draw a stem, with a slightly wider top and two lines going straight down. Then add a leaf onto the side.

    Rose Steps 7-9

Now that it’s finished, bring the rose to life with colouring it in. We opted for the traditional red rose, but you can use any colour you prefer.