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Introducing STAEDTLER FIMO Leather Effect Modelling Clays

5 August 2019

If you haven’t used FIMO modelling clays before, you are missing out! FIMO is widely known as one of the best modelling clays due to its ease to shape, versatility of use and range of FIMO clays available.

STAEDTLER has recently taken their FIMO range to a whole new level with STAEDTLER FIMO Leather Effect Modelling Clays. This oven-hardening modelling clay looks and even feels similar to leather after hardening and can be used for a wide range of projects including jewellery, accessories and home decoration. After hardening, the thinly-rolled sheets are bendable, braidable, cuttable and sewable.

FIMO Leather Effect

  • Available in 57g blocks
  • Can be used or blended with FIMO Soft clay range
  • Easy to shape
  • To harden, bake in the oven at 130° for 30mins
  • Bendable, braidable, cuttable and sewable after hardening
  • Phthalate-free
  • Comes in 12 vibrant colours


Tips & Tricks for working with FIMO Leather Effect

Before Hardening

  • Achieve your preferred thickness by rolling it out. Tip: use the STAEDTLER FIMO Clay Machine to achieve an even surface
  • You can add embossing or patterns to the clay
  • You can vary the leather effect by compressing the clay more firmly to achieve a smoother leather effect. To achieve a rawer leather effect, after rolling it out, gently pull/stretch the clay out by hand.
  • FIMO clay is self-adhesive. FIMO pieces will stick together. Create different colours on front and back by laying a different colour onto another. You can strength the bond by pressing and smoothing the clay. Clay items applied after hardening will not stick permanently
  • Clay will shrink slightly after hardening so if you need a specific size, it is best to make it a slightly larger size and cut to shape after hardening
  • FIMO leather effect can be combined with FIMO soft clays however this will lessen the leather effect depending on how much you add to the mix
  • Create patterns and colour blends by combining multiple colours together. Kneading your colours together thoroughly will create a new solid colour

After Hardening

  • Leather effect is visible on both sides of clay
  • Pieces are flexible and bendable. If thin enough, FIMO leather effect is braidable, sewable and cuttable


FIMO Leather Projects


FIMO Leather Clay Tassel Project  FIMO Leather Clay Keyring

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