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Joan Miro Style Art

7 March 2018

Joan Miro was a Spanish Painter, Sculptor and Ceramicist who was known for being experimental in his art. In the 1940s’ his artwork represented simple forms and lines with bold blocks of colour which this art has been inspired by.

To download a PDF version of this project, click here.

  • Artitude Artist Board
  • Liquitex Paint markers
  • pencil

How to do it

  1. Take a size of your choice on the Artitude Artist Boards and lay on a flat surface.
  2. Take a selection of Liquitex Paint Markers for this design you will need Cadmium Yellow Deep Hue 0163, Cadmium Red Medium Hue 0151, Cadmium Orange Hue 0720, Light Green Permanent 0312, Colbalt Blue Hue 0381 and Carbon Black in both 4mm and 15mm widths.
  3. Using a pencil roughly sketch out your design directly onto the Artitude Artist Board. You could draw out on paper first if you prefer to ensure you are happy with the positioning.
  4. Next fill in blocks of colour starting the lightest colour first. As the Artist boards are untreated they absorb the colour and dry quite quickly. Continue building all the colours from the design.
  5. Lastly use the black Liquitex Paint Marker to fill in and outline.