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Kids Christmas Decoration Project

16 August 2018

Level: Easy

Click here to download this project as a PDF

  • Educraft Polystyrene Balls
  • Jasart Glitter Shaker 15gm
  • Jasart Glue Gun 10W
  • Educraft A4 Felt Sheets
  • Educraft Feathers
  • Educraft Joggle Eyes
  • Educraft Wood Sticks
  • Educraft Ribbons
  • Educraft Pom Poms Small
  • Elmer's School Glue
  • Jasart Paint Brush
  • Scissors (use under supervision)

NOTE: Refer to the images for guidance

How to do it

Glitter Birds
What you do:

    1. Insert a toothpick into the tip of a foam ball . Use this as a handle (keeping the process tidy).
    2. Using a brush, paint school glue over the area you want to cover with glitter. Use the sprinkle feature of the glitter shaker to shake glitter evenly over the area. Note: Doing this over a sheet of paper will allow you to catch access glitter to put back into the shaker, avoiding any wastage. Set aside and allow the glue to dry completely for 1 hour.
    3. Continue this process over all areas until you have completely covered the polystyrene ball in glitter.
    4. Cut small shapes to form wings & a beak from felt sheets and glue these onto the foam ball with the glue gun.
    5. Adhere the joggle eyes using a glue gun, allow to set.
    6. Add a tail to your bird by embellishing with assorted feathers.
    7. Finish by gluing a loop of ribbon to the top. It is now ready to hang on your Christmas tree!

Paddle Pop Reindeers
What you do:

      1. Glue together three wood sticks, forming a triangular shape.
      2. Add joggle eyes and a small pom pom as the nose, securing small pieces with a glue gun.
      3. Embellish the top left corner as you wish . The decorations pictured have used holly, cut from red & green felt plus a red ribbon.
      4. Finish by gluing a loop of ribbon to the top. It is now ready to hang!

Helpful hint: Why not create a whole family of reindeers by having many variations?

Christmas Paddle Pop Family
What you do:

      1. Refer to the image for guidance on each figure you are creating: Reindeer, Snowman or Santa.
      2. Paint the base of a single wood stick according to your chosen design.
      3. Embellish using pom poms, joggle eyes, felt & paint to bring your characters to life.
      4. Finish by gluing a loop of ribbon to the top. It is now ready to hang!

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