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Paper Wreath

7 March 2018

A wreath is always a statement piece for any home during Christmas but they can be expensive. This one uses folded paper that threads onto a florist wire. What could be simpler?

Click here to download PDF instructions for this project.

How to do it

  1. Take a selection of decorative papers or wrapping paper and cut them into 3-4cm wide strips.
  2. For a wreath that is approximately 30cm in diameter you will need 2 metres of florist wire. First, bend the wire strip in half so you are left with a 1 metre strip of double up wire. This is to give the wreath more stability.
  3. Start folding the paper to form loops, secure the ends with a piece of double sided adhesive tape. Thread the paper strips onto the florist wire one by one until the florist wire is completely covered in looped paper. When filled up, take the two ends of florist wire and twist together to form a circle.
  4. Tie a wide ribbon onto the wire frame and form a bow.

IDEA: You can create different effects by twisting or rolling the paper before threading them onto the wire. You can also add further embellishments such as glitter, rhinestones for a wreath with more bling or alternate the paper with ribbons.