Party Props

5 March 2018

A crowd pleaser for any party event. Create these fun and easy props – use them as accessories or decorations in the home or garden when hosting a party. And of course, you and your guests could use them to compliment a costume or outfit!

Click here for a PDF of this project.

  • Educraft Felt Sheets 
  • Educraft Foam Sheets 
  • Educraft Wood Dowels 
  • Educraft Feathers 
  • Kaisercraft Rhinestones 
  • Glue gun* 
  • Scissors* 

*Children should use glue gun and scissors under adult supervision.

How to do it

  1. Use the templates provided here and draw out shapes that you like onto Educraft Foam Sheets. Cut them out using scissors. (You could also use a thick heavy card).
  2. Embellish as required using feathers, rhinestones or decorative papers using a glue gun.
  3. Once dry, take an Educraft Wood Dowel and stick it to the back of the prop using the glue gun.
  4. Leave the prop to dry before using. IDEA: Create signage or scenery props for your party too. They would also make great table decorations