Pennant Party Banner

4 March 2018

Create a striking pennant banner to complement your St. Patrick’s celebrations.

Click here to download the PDF of this project.

How to do it

  1. Take 3 x packs of the Kaisercraft Woodcraft Pennant Banners and paint 5 of the pennant flag pieces in grass green, 4 in white and 4 in orange using Reeves Acrylic. Ensure paint covers both sides and all edges.
  2. Whilst waiting for the pennant pieces to dry, draw and cut out the Shamrock shape (click here to download template) on the green metallic corrugated sheets, green corrugated sheet, green foam sheet and green metallic card.
  3. Using Elmer’s glue, attach the shamrocks to the centre of each pennant flag alternating the corrugated, foam and metallic shamrocks as you go. Set aside to dry.
  4. Take the relevant letters required from the Kaisercraft Chipboard letter pack, cover in glue and sprinkle green glitter all over the surface area of the letters. Wait to dry completely then shake off the excess glitter. Tip: you can put the excess glitter back into the glitter pot for future projects.
  5. Take the Liquitex Acrylic Ink in Carbon Black and paint over each of the green glitter letters. Part of the glitter will still show through but will create a nice contrast when placed onto the green shamrocks.
  6. Once the letters are completely dry, affix to the centre of each Shamrock using glue (in sequence).
  7. For one long banner, take around 2.5 metres of green/white twine. First ensure you have 20cm of loose twine at each end of the pennant banner to be able to hang it. Starting with the letter S, thread the twine through the holes tying a small knot at each hole to secure. Leave a 5cm gap between each word.
  8. Hang or tie the pennant flag banner up and enjoy!