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Skateboard Deck

4 March 2018

Decorate a Skateboard Deck with your own unique design and hang on the wall to create your own personalised piece of art!

To download a PDF of this project, click here.

How to do it

  1. Take your skateboard deck and draw out your design using a soft pencil.
  2. Using a selection of choice use the acrylic paint markers to colour in your design. You can use acrylic paint with a brush or roller for larger areas and the markers for more detail. Wait for the paint to dry between each colour to avoid smearing.
  3. Acrylic mediums can also be used to create texture or different finishes to your design.
  4. In the example shown, the outline of the design was finished using a fine marker.
  5. Once complete, the skateboard can be coated in either matt or gloss varnish depending the finish required.
  6. Leave to dry before hanging up to display.

Note: The skateboard deck is for decorative purposes only and not recommended to be used as a skateboard.