Slant Canvas Art

6 March 2018

Slant canvas is a unique product that lends itself perfectly to be used as a medium for creating an original piece of art. The more panels that you use, the greater the impact of your design.

To download this project as a PDF, click here.

How to do it

  1. Lay out each canvas to determine display order.
  2. Tape the back of canvases together using masking tape to keep them from moving apart whilst painting. Secure panels with screws across all the joints for added strength, particularly if you are using larger panels.
  3. Attach tape to the canvas to tape off your first geometric sections. Try creating different shapes using tape.
  4. Paint within the taped section. Remove the tape before these areas are completely dry.
  5. Continue taping off geometric sections. Tape on top of completely dried painted sections to ensure a sharp, crisp edge.
  6. Continue until canvas is completely covered in paint. Leave to dry.
  7. Once completely dry, you can apply a few coats of varnish on the artwork to protect your creation.