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The Strathmore Story

27 February 2018

Art is a universal language. One that can be spoken to all and help us communicate with others. It is a language of the past, and of the future. It can transport us to another place, another culture, another time. It can be therapeutic, healing, needed.

Strathmore celebrates artists because they make the world more beautiful and meaningful. To those who dream in color and put their souls on paper for the world to see, you inspire us. To those who slow down in this fast paced world to relish their craft and pay attention to every detail, we work for you; because we do the same.

Paper is our art form. We understand the importance of creating the perfect surface that feels just right. Founded in 1892 with the belief that better paper makes better art, we have kept the tradition of creating beautiful, high-performing papers for over 120 years. With our proud heritage comes the responsibility of keeping our art form alive, so you can do the same and generations to come can keep their creativity thriving. Artists’ needs have always served as our guiding light.

We’re proud to provide our flagship products that have been loved and depended on for over a century. We’re also proud of our commitment to innovation and developing new products that complement evolving artistic ideas and aspirations. We strive to manufacture our products in the USA. This gives us the ability to control the quality and consistency artist have come to expect from Strathmore. We know when we do our craft right, we give you the best possible chance to be successful in yours.

Strathmore is honored to make the papers that allow you to make something meaningful…something intense…emotional…imaginative…something real. Keep making, and we’ll help you make it great.