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Drawing & Colouring

Drawing and colouring can be hugely advantageous activities for kids. Whether the medium is sidewalk chalk, crayons, washable markers, textas, an easy-grip pen, soluble wax or a lead pencil, drawing and colouring will develop fine motor skills, encourage visual analysis, improve hand-eye coordination, increase individual confidence, and more.

At Eckersley’s Art & Craft, we stock everything your kids need to explore drawing and colouring. We choose leading brands such as Texta, Reeves, Faber-Castell, Micador, Derwent and EC so you can give your child the best chance at boosting their confidence through art. To help your child feel motivated to draw, colour and create, use positive reinforcement. Display finished drawings, include drawings in letters to family and friends, and praise your child for practice and their achievements.

Drawing and colouring is a skill that kids will carry for life, and the sooner you start them on this therapeutic activity the sooner they can develop and grow these skills. Consider including a book on how to draw things with your next purchase of pencils and leave a bunch of colouring books lying around for use at any time. Better yet, come and talk to a member of our team about setting your child up with their very own drawing and colouring station.

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