Colby specialise in stationary, office organization and presentation equipment. Eckersley's supplies a large range of quality Colby presentation portfolios and folders.

Colby 257 Refillable Display Folder

Colby 257 Refillable Display Folder Sleeves

Colby 600 Presentation Folio

Colby 620 Art Presentation Pockets

Colby 620 Presentation Portfolio

Colby 600 PVC Art Presentation Pockets

Colby Artcase Folio #700

Colby Artcase Folio #751

Colby Binder Wallet

Colby Carry Satchel #730

Colby Carry Sleeve #750

Colby Display Book #259

Colby Document Wallet #335

Colby Easel Display Book

Colby Folder Friendly Display Book

Colby Handy Pouch

Colby Maxi Carry Case #701

Colby Refillable Easel Display Book

Colby Zippered Binder Display Book

Gusseted Pouch Black