EDUcraft craft projects are a fun and educational range of art products for children of all ages. EDUcraft offers all the necessary creative tools for any craft project.  This quality range includes pipe cleaners, joggle eyes, face masks, pom poms, and many more.

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EduCraft Childrens Table Top Easel

Educraft Collection Book Set

Educraft Drawing Book Set

Educraft Drawing Case Set

EDUcraft Felt Sheets

EDUcraft Foam Shapes

EDUcraft Foam Sheets

EDUcraft Joggle Eyes

Educraft Kids Paint With Water Kit

EDUcraft Mini Pegs Natural

EDUcraft Paper Cut Outs

EDUcraft Paper Mache Face Masks

EDUcraft Pipe Cleaners

EDUcraft Polystryene Balls

EDUcraft Pom Poms

EDUcraft Shredded Crepe Paper

Educraft Smock

EDUcraft Wood Dowels

EDUcraft Wood Sticks