The Stabilo range includes high quality and durable pens that have been designed to provide excellent writing comfort. Every Stabilo product is engineered with useability in mind. A distinctive and innovative range of products made for all uses and ages, as well as a passion for colour are some of the most exceptional features of the Stabilo brand. 

Stabilo Boss Highlighter

Stabilo Carbothello Pencil Sets

Stabilo Carbothello Pencils

Stabilo Aquacolor Pencil Sets

Stabilo Highlighter Pack

Stabilo Pen 68

Stabilo Pen 68 Festival Spirit Rollerset

Stabilo Pen 68 Rollerset

Stabilo Pen 68 Set

Stabilo Point 88 Colour Parade Set

Stabilo Point 88 Fineliner Pen

Stabilo Point 88 Mini Fineliner Pen

Stabilo Point 88 Rollerset

Stabilo Pointmax Fineliners

Stabilo Sensor Fineliner