Copic Drip Ink Design Panel

Level: Easy

Explore this easy-to-do project using Copic Ink, Copic Colourless Blender and Bella Vivo Board. Create multiple boards for a bright and colourful wall montage. Remember: Different amounts used for Copic Ink and Copic Colourless blender will give different effects so experiment away!

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What you need:

  • Copic Ink Refills 25cc (various colours) 
  • Colourless Blender Refill 
  • Pipettes 
  • Plastic Palette 
  • Bella Vivo Board 
  • Pouring medium

What you do:

  1. Take a selection of colours from the Copic Ink Refill range and pour about 5ml into a palette (contrasting colours work better).
  2. Lay your Bella Vivo Board on a flat surface and using one pipette for each colour draw up the ink and release one drop at time across the surface. You may find it easier to drip one colour first then move onto the next colour. Next drip a contrasting colour on top. If you wait for the colour drop to dry, any contrasting drop will stay its true colour. If you lay colour drop onto another drop that is still wet the colours will bleed and merge into one.
  3. You can drop the Copic Colourless Blender onto the design via a pipette. You will be able to create different effects on your design with Copic Colourless Blender; either a water drip effect on dried ink areas or washed out effects on wet areas.
  4. Repeat the process on each side panel of the Bella Vivo Board.
  5. Once dry, cover all the decorated areas in pouring medium. This will give a resin like gloss finish to complete the look.
  6. There is no right or wrong way, just experiment what works for you and consider applying drops from different heights to the board then sit back and enjoy the end result!


Products used in this project

Copic Ink

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EC Pipette

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EC Plastic Palettes

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Bella Vivo Deep Edge Artists' Board

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Liquitex Pouring Fluid Effect Medium

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