Level: Easy

These unique table centre pieces will impress any guest and are deceivingly easy to make. Why not try to make your own winter wonderland for your Christmas table.

Click here to download PDF instructions for this project.

What you do:

  1. Using a clean jam jar or glass container place a small ball of green modelling clay into the base of the jar. Press down unevenly to form a hill like structure ensuring it is 1cm thick.
  2. Cut a piece of grass roll big enough to cover the clay structure.
  3. Take one or two model trees and push them into the clay through the grass roll.
  4. Next sprinkle glitter over the trees and grass. (Use spray adhesive and spray over the tree and grass before sprinkling the glitter so they stick on permanently)
  5. You can personalise your terranium by adding a Christmas phrase, sign or model house using paper.

TIP: Keep the jam jar lids so you can store your terranium and securing it for next Christmas.


Products used in this project

Scale Model Trees

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EC Modelling Clay

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Jasart Glitter Shaker

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Jordan Model Grass Roll

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Micador Spray Adhesive

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