Fimo Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies

Level: Hard

What you need:

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  • A beige coloured Fimo (sahara 70)
  • A brown or chocolate Fimo
  • A craft knife or blade
  • A range of neutral coloured soft pastels, in browns and yellow ochre shades
  • A small soft paint brush
  • A stencil brush or something similar for creating texture.

What you do:

  1. To make the choc chips firstly roll a piece of the brown fimo into a long very very thin spaghetti shape, then using the craft knife or blade randomly chop the piece into tiny little chunks.
  2. Roll the beige colour into a rough ball and then randomly add the choc chip chunks and gently roll and mix them through the ball.
  3. Press the ball down into a cookie shape.
  4. Create texture on the cookie by pressing the stencil bush or something similar around the edges and onto the top of the cookie.
  5. Put a couple of the choc chip chunks on top.
  6. To create the realistic cooked look of the cookie the soft pastels are needed. Grind the pastels onto a piece of paper so you have some dust. This dust can now be applied with a paint brush gently to the edges and bottom of the cookie, blend light colours into darker ones at the edges. This process can take a little practise.
  7. Bake cookies according to Fimo instructions.


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