Pearl Place Card

Level: Easy

What you need:

  • Cristina Re Place Card – Shimmering Pearl
  • A4 Sheet Cristina Re Designer Paper – Shimmering Pearl
  • A4 Sheet Cristina Re Luxury Lustre Paper – Pearl Boudoir
  • A4 Sheet Cristina Re Luxury Linen Paper – White
  • Cristina Re Paper Trimmer
  • Cristina Re Decorative Paper Edger - Chloe
  • Scissors
  • Cristina Re Adhesive Tape Roller
  • Cristina Re Printstation 3 CD

What you do:

  1. Print the desired wording on the Shimmering Pearl Paper in Place Card Rectangle format using Printstation 3. Cut to size 8.5cm x 5cm and then glue to one side of the Placecard.
  2. Cut the Pearl Boudoir Paper to size 3cm x 9.1cm. Then using the Chloe Paper Edger and White Linen Paper, cut a border 9.1cm long.
  3. Glue the Pearl Boudoir Paper on top of the Linen Paper, making sure the pattern is showing.
  4. Glue the Luxury Linen and Pearl Boudoir Papers along the top of the Placecard above the wording.
  5. Fold along the scorer line.


Products used in this project

Cristina Re Printstation CD

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