Foam Necklace

Level: Easy

Level: Easy

Impress your friends by creating a necklace using a few simple products. Make a perfect gift for your sister, friend or mum. This is great activity for boosting fine motor skills and creativity.

To download this project as a PDF, click here.

What you need:

*Small children should be under adult supervision if using a cocktail stick/wooden skewer

What you do:

  1. Open up the EDUcraft L’il Treasure Chest for this project. You will need a packet of beads, 2 pink pipe cleaners and some foam shapes.
  2. First twist the end of two pink pipe cleaners together so you are left with one long pipe cleaner.
  3. Take the foam shapes and pierce a hole in the centre of each shape using a cocktail stick or wooden skewer. Now start threading through a bead and a foam shape onto the long pipe cleaner. Repeat the sequence of one bead and one foam shape until there is only 3cm on each end of the pipe cleaner exposed. You can wrap the ends around each other to secure the necklace around your neck. Ensure there are no sharp edges from the wire in the centre of the pipe cleaner. For a longer necklace wrap 3 or more pipe cleaners together. You may need to cut out more foam shapes from an EDUcraft foam sheet depending on the length. 

IDEA: Experiment by cutting out different shapes and sizes out of the foam. You can also follow the same technique for making bracelets and bag decorations. Tie ribbon scraps, charms etc to your creation to make it unique. Let your imagination run wild!