Christmas Advent Calendar

Level: Medium

Level: Medium

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What you need:

What you do:
1. Using spray paints, spray an even coverage of paint over the frame. We created a vintage look by applying red, then a light overlay of silver. Rubbing the silver back gently with a sponge will result in a worn effect. You can achieve this effect using any 2 colours.

2. Measure the space within the frame and cut twine to size. If using canvas wrap around the back of the canvas panel. Firmly secure in place using a staple gun.

3. You will need to create 24 ‘pouches’ using the water colour paper and glue gun. As a guide, the finished pouch size pictured are 6cm x 7.5cm. Size will vary depending on the size of your frame. 

4. It is now time to get creative and embellish each individual pouch uniquely focusing on including numbers 1 to 24.

5. Once all pouches are created, peg them onto the twine in numerical order.

6. Fill each pouch with small trinkets or goodies ready to count down to Christmas Day.

A great project that you can get the whole family involved in!