Christmas Bottle Covers

Level: Easy

Level: Easy

The perfect dinner party gift or table decoration. Add some Christmas cheers with these fun Decorated Santa Bottles.

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What you need:

What you do:
Santa Coat Gift Bottle

  1. Cut a piece of red felt 15cm high. Run the sheet of felt through Xyron X900 with the permanent adhesive cartridge inserted. This will apply adhesive to the back of the your felt sheet.
  2. Wrap the red felt around the bottle and overlap any excess. Cut a strip of white felt 3cm thick and run through the Xyron machine. Stick felt to the bottom of the red coat.
  3. Cut a strip of black felt 2cm thick. Cut a square from the silver glitter sheet to create the buckle. Run both through the Xyron machine and attach to the middle of the red felt. To finish add a small square of black felt to the middle of the buckle and 2 small white Pom Poms above and below the belt.

Santa Hat Gift Bottle

  1. Cut a piece of white felt 15cm high. Wrap around the necxk of the bottle with a corner point in the middle. Cut off any excess at the back and secure with a glue gun.
  2. For the santa hat, cut a rectangle of red felt 15cmx20cm and cut a ‘V” shape from one end. To create the rim fold 1cm of the felt up on itself.
  3. Wrap the red felt around the top of the bottle with the “V” at the top to create a “cone” shape. Fix felt to felt with a glue gun.
  4. Decorate Santa’s face with joggle eyes, a pom pom nose and a mouth.