Mountain Pots

Level: Easy

Using paint pens and markers Get Arty artist, Charlotte, gives a pot for a plant a makeover.

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What you need:

  • Ceramic pot
  • Posca black and coloured paint pens

What you do:

  • Find a ceramic pot in need of a makeover. It can be plain or painted.
  • Using a paint pen in your favourite colour draw straight lines at least 3cm apart down the length of the pot. Do this the whole way around.
  • Draw smaller sloping lines all the way down the pot between the bigger ones, once you've done one line the next one should be reversed, with the sloping lines facing the other way.
  • Randomly colour in some of the shapes you've created, or if you'd like colour them all in with different colours.
  • Plant something wonderful in your pot or use it to hold items from around the house.


Products used in this project

Posca Marker

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